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IVillage is not just a social enterprise, it is a powerful idea that links the village to the global market. It endeavors to create employment and generate livelihood for the rural population with a focus on women, in and around Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), India. The objective of IVillage is to train, upskill and employ rural youth and homemakers in various aspects of creating quality products and services and taking them from the village to the world.

IVillage is working towards a progressive mission of creating 500+ job opportunities in interior parts of U.P. by 2023. The company envisions prosperous and self-sustaining villages via local skills and opportunity development.


To establish and grow a Social enterprise for women empowerment in India that offers high-quality products and services and contributes to the general upliftment of society, specifically by generating employment for rural women and empowering them through social and financial independence.


To employ 500 women by end of 2023. To empower women through education and employability, and enable them to be self-sustainable.


Customers served! 5 Years
Customers served! 5 rural families impacted
Customers served! 5 rural women
Customers served! 5 Cr income generated
Customers served! 5 % increase in salaries
in last 5 years


In Hindi, Pardada Pardadi means “great-grandparents.” An integral part of ancient Indian wisdom revolves around family; the value-based knowledge and education a child receives from an invested community is a crucial component of her successful transformation into an empowered adult…


Behind the scene


  • Kajal

  • aasma

  • samreen

  • Guddi

“I was always a bright student, particularly passionate about the field of law, which I wanted to pursue for my higher studies. However, being from an orthodox Indian mindset, my father believed that educating me further would decrease my chances of getting married- as men would be intimidated by the idea of having an educated wife!

Not having the courage to speak my heart, I succumbed to my family’s wishes, and started looking for a job to support my parents financially (there weren’t many job opportunities available for women in the village). As I started working for IVillage, I became financially independent. I worked hard for, and deserved, every penny that I earned. Being able to support myself independently brought a sense of confidence and pride – the confidence and self-love women probably weren’t allowed to experience.

This confidence helped me in gathering the courage to stand up to my father, and have a say in my own future. After countless days of presenting arguments and emotional appeals, I was finally able to convince my father, and explain to him the one simple fact, which I shouldn’t have to, that getting married isn’t my ultimate purpose in life, and I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my dreams and ambition in order to get a suitable husband!

Now I am a law student, juggling both work and studies, funding my own education with my own salary, and hoping to intimidate weak, chauvinistic men with my law degree! I wish to be a successful lawyer- and I measure my success not by the number of cases I win or income I earn, I measure it by the number of people I help.

Working here changed my life, it gave me the courage to follow my dreams, and not apologize to anyone for it.


Dr Sangeeta Khurana

IVillage recently helped us conceptualise and create gifts for our clients, who are mainly principals of schools we work with. The guidelines and limitations of our diverse clientele and needs were really tedious. They incorporated our inputs, created the gifts not just to our satisfaction, but also to the amazement of our clients. The design, functionality and application all well synchronised, while effectively conveying our vision and brand motto. Given the quality products we received from just the concept brief, I highly refer and recommend IVillage to all my contacts for any innovative gifting needs.

Capt Sameer Khullar

Having viewed IVillage work over several months, we approached them to create a special calendar for Stryker for 2018.  Not only did they jump at the opportunity to try something new, they also went to great lengths to ensure that the product design was innovative and at the same time appealing. The quality of the product was high with a premium touch and feel to it. Expecting one design, I was delighted that they came up with two. The work put in IVillage is highly appreciated and recommended. 

Rajan Bedi

Tempted by the unusual work of high quality hand crafted products, I placed an order with IVillage for my festive gifts for 12 of my important clients. I received my order in time and was delighted by their attention to every detail including the packaging. I strongly recommend IVillage products to everyone for not just finding a perfect gift for your clients and family but also as as means to give to the society.

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