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Established with a clear mission to create and grow a socially responsible business that offers high-quality products and services while contributing to the upliftment of society, IVillage is a socially responsible business that specialises in making sustainable and eco-friendly gifting products, with a particular niche in cotton bags for corporate and retail brands.

Our team of passionate professionals is dedicated to empowering rural women in and around Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), India, by providing them with the opportunity to earn a dignified livelihood. Through active engagement with partners and volunteers, we offer training and upskilling programs to rural youth and homemakers. We aggressively seek out larger markets and buyers for our products, as it directly translates to more job opportunities and making our vision of a self-sustaining rural economy with women at its centre, a reality.


Meet our passionate and motivated team that works behind the scenes to spread cheer, and get to know why they love working at IVillage!

Indu Singh

PPES Board Member

My role is primarily that of a facilitator for the women of IVillage. I encourage personality development and support learning and skill acquisition through well defined methods and process. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see these women evolve into independent and confident individuals.

Together as a team we ensure quality production in adherence to promised standards and timelines.                                                                                           


Aryah Vaibhhav Mahajan


It has been an immensely rewarding experience to work at the grassroots level with rural women to see them break the shackles of patriarchy and evolve into empowered, socially and economically independent individuals is perhaps the biggest achievement.

With the team’s shared passion for social entrepreneurship, we truly live our motto of ‘Taking the village to the world’.                                                                

Garima Singh


IVillage is a platform for rural girls & women empowerment. We want them to be Socially Economically empowered, Self dependent and Successful.I am proud to be associated with IVilllage, through which we are trying to help them avail the best opportunities for development in their neighborhood and in the process make them self dependent, successful, aware of the world & most importantly, become Socially & Economically empowered.

Manish Prasad


Working in IVillage has given me immense opportunities to learn new skills and train new talent who have the passion to work in our sector. The biggest responsibilities in life is being responsible towards the life of others and creating job opportunities for them. I am proud to be working here. As opposed to the corporate sector, IVillage has not only given me tremendous growth and learning but also given me the chance to give back to society.

Anisha Shreya

Senior Designer

I have always been very passionate about art and design and seek opportunities to explore my creative skills. Being a part of IVillage helps me to understand the traditional artforms and gives a chance to transform them with a modern contemporary twist. I have learnt & developed new skill sets that have helped me evolve not only as an individual but also as a great team member, while also bringing a little change in the society by uplifting the rural households. 

Sonvir Singh

Admin & Store, 

Working with IVillage has helped me to fulfil not just my daily needs and establish a livelihood but also to support the rural women in the village of Anupshahr, so that they don’t have to depend on others and can be strong and independent financially.

Mahesh Kumar


I enjoy working at IVillage because the workspace and the people feel like home. Everyone is very helpful and we all work like one family indeed. I have learnt a lot here which has helped me to be a better person in both my personal and professional life.          



Working as the supervisor in the handicraft section at IVillage gives me a lot of happiness. I also train the new trainees and help them develop their talent. I have learnt a lot while working here and today I am able to help my family financially. I am happy to help rural women become independent and earn for themselves.


store incharge

I have been with IVillage for four years, began work in the printing department, progressed to administration, and am now the store manager. Life has improved in all aspects since joining IVillage. I have become financially independent when earlier I struggled to make ends meet. I am extremely excited to continue learning and growing.          



I have been overlooking the administration work in the Anupshahr Production Center. I have very recently joined the IVillage team. My experience has been great so far and I look forward to growing with the team.        


We are thankful to our eminent volunteers who are associated with us. Their expertise and passion goes a long way in helping us not just accomplish, but also enhance our vision.

Vaibhav Mahajan

chef and food stylist

A corporate environment offers opportunity for self growth and development which is more often than not limited to oneself. At IVillage I get the opportunity to use my skill sets to make an economic and social impact in and for the rural households of Uttar Pradesh. I have been exposed to various forms of learning and development that are not limited to fulfilling economical endeavours but extend to a purist approach in some aspects of life. A rural household is a fine working model of the income and opportunity divide that is prevalent in India, this model is always under the scanner at IVillage in an effort to balance the scales, placing it among some of the most sincere task forces of India.

Shwetambra Sharma

Founder & Architect, Shashvat Designs

When I came across IVillage through Aryah Vaibhhav Mahajan – her passion and vision to enable the village girls to become financially independent resonated with me highly. It pulled me in with the opportunity to volunteer as my capacity of a space planner for their exhibition and retail spaces. It is a great to see how they all give their 100% to make success of an idea, how so ever impossible it may sound due to manpower or budget constraints faced everyday by an NGO. They strive to find the way through or around, rather than dismissing an idea that they all value. Young at heart and mind – the IVillage team is a force to reckon with and ever ready to make “Impossible“ – “Possible”. 

Atul Kumar

ppes board member

It is really enjoyable to work for IVillage in any capacity as it is directly linked with the social and financial upliftment of rural women of Anupshahr. It gives me utmost pleasure to be associated as a volunteer with the team and contribute as per my abilities to widen the positive impact.

Veronique Dieu

Associate at SNC .VWAD

Veronique Dieu is the creator of SNC. VWAD Solution 27 for luxury and élégance etiquette This French lady is passionate about Seva (an Indian concept of serving & enabling) for the needy. An expert in infant development, business and human relations, she loves being on the field. She has been actively involved with field work in Asia for 35 years across Thailand, Australia, Japan, China and India.


We are thankful to our eminent advisors who are associated with us. Their expertise and passion goes a long way in helping us not just accomplish, but also enhance our vision.

Lokender Pal Singh

PPES Board member

I am proud to be associated with an organization that is driving change in the life of women from rural India by providing world class platform for skill development to earn livelihood with dignity.IVillage focuses on enhancing employment opportunities for rural women to make them part of India GDP growth and at the same time improve standard of living at their homes and larger community. IVillage has a strong belief that the development of women from rural India is a way to develop the nation at large in the long run.

Mr. Mahinder Malhotra

Managing Director, Hayat Communications K.S.C.Kuwait ( Former)

Since IVillage is engaged in such noble work of women empowerment at the grassroot level, it is a pleasure to support them in whatever little way I can. Every little impact that we create through the organisation goes on to create a larger impact in the society. It is definitely a pleasure to be associated with such an organisation.

Santosh R Shetty


IVillage helps the women from rural parts of India to become financially independent through their skilling and development. This is a cause that is very close to my heart and something that I have always wanted to work upon. I look forward to helping them with my time, guidance and making connections whenever I can.

Tarun Singhal

Director - Business Development, Marketing and Communications - Sopra Steria India

I am encouraged and inspired on how the team is connecting the village to the global market, generating employment for the rural population with a focus on women, by learning, unlearning and upskilling. In my view every drop counts, and if I can be one of these drops in this mega initiative, it’s for me giving back to the society.


S. Deenadayalan


S. Deenadayalan is the chairman of CEO Skill Academy, India and Vice Chairman, CEO Vietnam, Ho Chi Minn City, Vietnam and based in Bangalore.

Triggered by the success of transforming the ordinary to an extraordinary at DuPont in India, he parted from the multinational to be on an entrepreneur mode and formed his consulting firm Centre for Excellence in Organization in December 1999.                                      

Our Knowledge Partner

The journey started in 2018 with strengthening skills training at IVillage by implementing RBC’s globally benchmarked 3G tailor training system. This reduced the training time substantially and productivity levels at the production center improved. RBC has been instrumental in bringing a change at IVillage production center with multiple management dialogues and training-coaching sessions on sourcing and design interventions, communication and advocacy guidance, production management and soft skills training for key team members. Community mapping and focused training by RBC has helped the initiative support the women by economic empowerment and profitability. The mask making initiative is an example of the knowledge partners helping to connect good initiative with better performance and profit generation to help sustain the households during the pandemic.


Amazon Saheli is an Amazon initiative to bring to the fore locally made products from women entrepreneurs in India. A program to enable women to become successful sellers on Amazon.

We are proud to be associated with Amazon Saheli since the last 2 years. It is an ideal platform to connect the world with our products. Amazon helps us with listing and giving us visibility through ad campaigns. This has led to a remarkable boost to our sale.

The Blind Relief Association (BRA), Delhi is a premier non-governmental organization in the country empowering the visually impaired for seventy-five years.

BRA gives us the biggest support by giving us a place free of cost for our exhibitions every year. It also encourages their students to apply for jobs at IVIllage.



What has today become a revolution, started with the vision of one man – Sam (Virendar) Singh. a retired head of DuPont South Asia. Having grown up in Anupshahar in district Bulandshahar of Uttar Pradesh, India, he knew that the region was infamous for its poverty, crime, and child marriages. Moreover, it is one of the least educated and literate sections of India.

Sam knew that to break this cycle of poverty, he had to first improve the quality of life for the weakest members of this society – the rural girl children, who are considered economic and social burden. Forgotten and uneducated, they are forever dependent upon their husbands or male family members for their livelihood. This leads to a cycle of repression, abuse, and neglect that can only be broken with the self-reliance and enlightenment that education brings.

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