IVillage Anti-Viral Campaign – Part 1

With the rise in number of people affected by the corona virus, both government and dependent research organization are in a constant look out for more effective ways to protect the unaffected people. One of the new revolutionary method is the use of anti-viral fabrics.

What are anti-viral fabrics?

What sets the anti-viral fabric different from a normal fabric is its anti-viral properties. These special fabrics are treated with HeiQ Viroblock technology which actively inhibit the SARS-CoV-2, the corona virus, destroying the virus upon contact. This helps in inhibiting the movement of the virus through textiles and actively destroys the virus before it can pass through.

From where does one get infected with the virus?

The disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which actively transmits from one person to another in several ways. When an infected person coughs, sneezes, speaks, or breathes, the virus spreads in microscopic liquid particles from their mouth or nose. Larger respiratory droplets to smaller aerosols are among the particles.

  • Direct contact with another infected human will transmit the virus to the non-affected person. This is one of the typical and direct way to contract the virus.
  • Public places are a huge contributor to the spread of corona virus too. Especially transportation where people have to be in contact with other possible infected people for hours together as they travel.
  • Other infected areas include common door handles, passing by people who don’t wear a mask, contaminated tissues/wipes in common area.
Contracting the virus from inside the house

Being indoors does not always imply that you and your family are safe. The virus always manages to find a way into your home. This is how you can catch the virus even if you’re at home.

  • Vegetable Vendors and newspaper vendors can be a possible carrier of the disease.
  • Receiving couriers and deliveries.
  • An infected person being present in your household.
  • Going out into the balcony or contaminated tissues/wipes.
Catching COVID-19 through your face mask

Masks are supposed to be your first line of defense against the virus but improper use and carelessness can make your own mask an ally to the virus.

The way you pick it up, wear it and dispose it matters a lot. Regular masks can easily get contaminated while doing so. Actions like touching it while wearing or for adjustment and touching face after touching contaminated surface will lead to being infected by the virus.

Anti-Viral Kit for the save!

The kit comes with gloves, masks and handkerchief treated with the anti-viral technology which makes it far safer and less susceptible to the virus hence giving another layer of protection.

Masks to prevent airborne virus from entering via mouth and nose.

Gloves to prevent direct contact from possible infected surfaces.

Handkerchief prevents the use of contaminated tissues.

It deals with all the problems faced when we use the regular masks. The virus gets destroyed in 2-5 mins of coming in contact with the fabric. The price of one mask goes as low as 128₹

Benefits of anti-viral fabric

There a lot of benefits related to the use of the fabric including:

  • Breathable and useable upto 30 washes. Gives you it’s maximum protection and safe to use.
  • It is equally effective when not washed and destroys the virus.
  • There is zero fogging due to the nosepin feature. As a spectacle user, it is a blessing to have anti-fog masks.
  • The face mask fits most faces perfectly with adjustors so there is no discomfort.