Guided by professional help, the women working at IVillage learnt to stitch protective masks for themselves, their children and family members.


So that lockdown did not equal loss of livelihood, our women continued with the production of cotton masks for the general public, from the safety of their homes.


In order to help those without savings to tide through the crisis, the women working with IVillage selflessly started teaching others how to make masks.


Shattering stereotypes and mindsets, some of these women have risen from being housebound to being the sole earning members in their families.


Migrant workers who have worked in export houses in Delhi decided to team up with us to generate employment in their community. From raw material pick up, delivery of finished products to quality control, they ensured the production of masks continued smoothly.


To make the process of making masks effective we collaborated with different experts.
Their support and help has been invaluable.

Knowledge Partner

Rajesh Bheda Consulting (RBC) our knowledge partners have played a crucial role in this process of working and learning from home. They have guided us on improvising our process of making masks in a faster and more efficient manner.

Conducting their training through video calls and phone conversations, they were able to guide the women to speed up their production and increase their output as well as income.

Donation Partner

Nesavaali is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that offers western fashion trends made by the weavers of India. IVillage helps them in making fashion accessories from the leftover fabrics that they give as a gift to their buyers.

Donation Partner

Emma Horne is a high profile inbound travel agent that specializes in tailor-made journeys in India, Nepal, Bhutan & Sri Lanka. IVillage helps them with ecofriendly meaningful giveaways.

Medical Partner

Founded by Mrs Neeru Bhushan, NB masks has been designing eco friendly face masks since 1995. Catering exclusively to doctors, these high quality masks are tailor made for their requirements.


Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action. Due to the lack of infrastructure for the urgent needs of a quarantining facility in the village, IVillage temporarily offered our building to the government to set up 150 bed quarantine facility to protect the area which has 96 villages in its purview. Within 3 days, 110 people were housed in the quarantine facility for treatment.

We temporarily left our premises for a small temple on the outskirts of a nearby village.


The tough financial situation faced by all households in rural areas showed the kind heartedness of all women working for IVillage. They selflessly started teaching others how to make masks- rather than increase their own income by producing more masks themselves! They took it upon themselves to teach those around them who did not have any savings to be able to live through the crisis.

Some of the women working with us to produce masks are the sole earning members in their family right now. Although their families are going through a rough phase financially, it is heartening to see how male members, who rarely supported the women in their family to earn their own living, were now helping them in their work! Men from neighbouring villages have brought their wives to the temple we're working in, so they could learn the production process. Some have taken up the responsibility of collecting raw materials and distributing it to women working from home, as well as delivering the finished pieces to us, so that movement stays restricted.

Our journey has taught us to not lose hope in the darkest of times, and that, when you are willing to help those around you, you never fail to find a way.


We are proud to say that our masks are helping many stay safe. From corporates, to residential colonies to individuals, we are helping fight the virus, one mask at a time.



While the world continues with its fight against the pandemic, fabric face masks have been medically recognized as an effective way to check the spread of the corona virus.

IVillage is proud to be at the forefront of producing quality fabric face masks that provide effective protection to the healthy. We are even more proud that these masks are produced entirely by our women operators, from the safety of their homes with strict hygiene and quality control.